Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Billings to Portland and HOW can you hide something THAT big!?

The guys were like a bunch a kids in the van ooo-ing and aahh-ing and taking pix and stuff. It was a BEAUTIFUL 6 hour drive and here's the view:

Ain't this something?

Drivin, textin and takin pix while tryin to find the right music on my ipod. It gets really complicated sometimes!

Almost ran off the road while doin all that shit. I told the guys it was just a "wind gust".

Looks like Justin's fixin to shtoop an unsuspecting Jason (who's innocently just eatin his corn dog).

Swear to GOD this isn't "posed". He really looked like that while going down the road.

She asked if I wanted to "super-size it". I'm like what the hell. I mean at that point it's like jumping off of a 80 ft or 90 ft cliff. BOTH area highly unhealthy.

Ain't this purdy?

NO idea what the hell they are doing back there. Aaron seems a little concerned with his "size", I guess.

Mt. Hood in the distance. I've not seen it since this picture (and we're 2 hours closer). Seriously, how do you hide something THAT big!?

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