Thursday, July 28, 2011

Night of Portland

Bailey's Tap Room-Great local pub
I spent last night just tooling around downtown Portland on an incredibly beautiful day, high's in the low 70's and I even had to stop and buy a long sleeve shirt for the cooler nights to come. Felt like Fall back home. The coffee shops that I wanted to try were closed by 6 so I missed that shot BUT I did get to sample the beer :) at Kells a great Irish pub. I had a glass (or 2) of my fave Irish beers from my visit to Ireland a few years back, Kilkenny's. After watching the Americans (MLS Allstars, or at least "our" allstars) get destroyed by Manchester United (soccer), I stopped by a decent Italian place (Pazzo) and had an overpriced pizza on the way to Bailey's Tap Room. Great tap room that specializes in local brews (Cascade Double Red and New Belgium was my "samples"). Not much else to share about yesterday but it was a good day to not travel, relax and pretend to be in the middle of October. OH, I did get a haircut (I'm going mohawk). O.K., that's about it. Sorry, I didn't promise you drama, humor and life lessons in everyday's blogs. S

I'm guessing there must be a Medusa living in the area


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