Friday, July 29, 2011

Could I have another glass a that Pine-Sol, sir?

Jason and band KUPL show at the Bing Lounge
Jason with the local DJ post interview/performance
Driving the guys in downtown Portland for a show for the KUPL guys, Jason's behind me doing his vocal warm-ups, while John's being the navigator and I'm being the confused driver with all of the "bus only" lanes, "bus AND car" lanes, bike lanes, people lanes and one ways. Shit, it's like readin a map on the street in front of you with all of the damn marking on the road. A little confusing for a redneck from Georgia (who was raised far from anything other than bowling lanes). The venue was incredible (once we found it and SQUEEZED into our parking space). The Bing Lounge is a room designed for video recording, as well. This was recorded and sorry to say that I've not found anything posted yet but Jason and the guys really sounded great. After the abbreviated show I followed the band upstairs (for some reason) for some "on-air" stuff. I stood in the hallway talking to a cut promotions girl. Being a "merch guy" there's really not much need for me to be around for this typa stuff but I followed them on up as if there was a leash attached or something.

Great lunch!
Well lookie here! Portapotty's that's in the "trough" design! I made a comment to the fellow "pee-er" beside me of how cool this was. No response.

So many beers, so little time

Aaron, still sober, oddly enough

These damn bikes are ALL over the place!
Anyways, that was the first part of the day.
Page two: Aaron persuaded (o.k. not really) me to go with his cousins to the Oregon Brewfest. We all bought our mugs and tokens and started walking into these huge tents with what seemed like maybe a 100 different beers or more. I stood in the longer lines, the shorter lines and the taps with no lines at all and after 10+ "samplings" of which two or 3 I kinda liked, I was ready for just a normal average everyday beer (Pine-sol seems to be the popular beer taste of late/YUUUCK!). The tastings thing is a good idea but I'd decided that I would SUCK as a beer taster. Gimme wine (unless it's wine made from pin trees, too). OH we did eat at a great lunch place called Paddy's (original name, huh), another Irish pub. Great food though! I've now been to 2 Irish pubs in Portland and both claim to be in the top 10 in the nation for some kinda "I'm more Irish than you" typa competition, I guess, but they both were really good pubs worth visiting none-the-less. We're off today to do an actual show where I get to sell some merch in Sweet Home, OR. The "Oregon Jamboree" (imagine that). High's in the low 80's and low's in the low 50's. It's OK to hate me. Lotta people do already.

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