Monday, July 25, 2011

What do you do with 12 hours of riding...

The Badlands of North Dakota

Western N.D.

Hell if I remember. I know I took it but damn if I remember where. Let's just call it Montana.

Didn't wanna waste the roll of film so I took this...

In the words of Craig Wiseman  & Don Poythress "Fields Full Of Summer Wheat, Peppered With Rounded Bales...". Always think if that lyric when I see these.
...you stare at the cars in western Minnesota, you stare at the landscape in western North Dakota and you try and keep your eyes on the road in Montana.
Saturday night was a BIG break from the crazy 4 shows in 3 days and thanks to John for getting us a GREAT deal at a Crown Plaza (Priceline BABY!!!) in Minneapolis where I just stood in the shower for a long time and washed off what felt like 5 days of dirt & exhaustion. Couple of us went and had a relaxing dinner and I had a hankering for a "glass of red". :)
This was a day of driving and the great thing with being 48 years old is that (I think) you enjoy looking out the windows more. Maybe it's early onset of what ends up being dementia and it evolves from staring out the windows to just staring at a corner of your room. All I know is it was a beautiful drive!
As you already know by reading this pitiful writing, I'm no Walt Whitman so I'll just show you pictures of the drive instead of describing it. OK., no Ansel Adams either but you'll get the point...or not. I drove the last 4 hours and Matt (I'm SURE) got tired of me pointing out things that I thought was just beautiful (even keeping his earphones in didn't help him). I REALLY fought to keep my damn finger from pointing but it was a useless struggle. All the while driving I was listening to the Texas writers of Hugh Prestwood, Walt Wilkins & Nanci Griffith with demo's of Montana's own Kostas thrown in for good measure "Turn it On, Turn it Up & Turn Me Loose", Dammit!!!!  8 more hours to Washington State. Journeying on...

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  1. So good to hear your "voice" again. You probably don't remember the first time you in the Badlands of S.D.(in van pulling a pop up tent)
    Stay safe.