Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wherefore Art Thou O Beatrice

I gotta pee an hour into the long ass ride to Beatrice, Nebraska. Swear to GOD I pee every chance I get and after putting it outta my mind I sit up and think about other things for the next hour or so (baseball, sex, calculus, how much could I make as a "driver", etc..). Bored and looking around the van: Matt's crashed on the bench front of me covered in a blanket, Justin's wearing his joggin jacket as pants (legs in the arms) and has another jacket across his chest , Jason's in the first row and John's in the co-pilot seat. It's always on the chilly side in the van for some reason.
Gratuitous ass shot.
Jason as a Honey badger-"Honey Badgers's a bad-ass. He just don't give a shit".

The left is Justin's head, the right is his legs.Hard to tell really.
He likes us better than the "Dirt Drifters".

Keep this in mind for future Wine Tasting's. Paducah, Kentucky exit.

You know, there is some kinda pride guys carry in having to see who has to be the one to have to stop for any reason so I hold my pee until we stop for cheap gas before we hit the Illinois state line (the gas gouger of the south!). After gas-ing up, getting a McDonald's b-fast we hit the road again. O.K., I think I gotta pee again. Screw it, it's only in my head. We have a driver James for these first 3 days seeing as it's a HELL of a 3 day run :14hr, 10hr (through the night), 5hr runs consecutively. Damn, this country's big as SHIT! Btw, then the real trip begins after this weekend heading to Oregon (plenty of time to get there, though). Riding on we pick up Aaron in KC after a Cracker Barrel dinner . He's our sound man who's always great energy to the trip and also always the one up for the "Hot Wings challenge" or "beer bong" or ANY typa challenge and other things that need willing spectators (which we gladly oblige). 4 more hours and a BEAUTIFUL sun setting drive across the corner of Kansas we get to our hotel in Beatrice. The "Elegant Victorian Inn" (Ok, I added "Elegant"). The name overshoots the hotel. With the name I guess I expected something out of the "Victorian" times (I mean it's in the damn NAME!), late 1800's. It's more of the strip mall/late 1900's. The beds felt late 1800's so maybe that was the deal. HEY, it beats a damn tent, which I'll be resorting to again in the near future (which I'll get to later). We watch Aaron do a coupla Flamingo bongs (Flabongs, I think they call it) or something to that nature (beer bong made out of yard art/pink flamingo), laugh at Aaron's long drawn out stories (uh, kinda like mine) and turn into bed. We're gonna need a good nights rest before the next 48.     

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