Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well, ain't those some purdy stars?!

The lovely town of Great Falls,MT ( I'm only assuming, cuz this is all I ever saw)

Rodeo minus the BS

Load-in looks easy enough, don't it?
Last night of a 4 day run. Another rodeo ring without the aroma in Sydney, Montana. Jason opened for Dierks Bentley. Yesterday started the way a lot of days do. I'm one of the first one's down to the deserted little street that looks like a beautiful little town that I'll probably never see again or really saw on this visit. Leave town around 7 or 8 (getting to bed sometime around 1 or so I think). That's pretty normal. I FINALLY get a little sleep on the first part of the long straight and narrow as hell drive across Montana. John always man's up and take the first leg. EVERY time, damn near it. I took the last half and on this terribly narrow and bouncy road and sure 'nuff we come over a hill and there's a car up on it's hood to the side of the road with people coming over to help out the couple sitting there still trying to collect themselves but no obvious injuries. There was about 6 or so people helping by this point so we ask them if they need anything else, give them some water and head on (me gripping the wheel a little harder). We get there, load in, have one of my best nights in merch and head back to the shitty little interstate-side motel 6 or 8 or something 'er other. We get about 30 minutes into the hour long drive to the motel and Jason asks Matt (who's driving) to PLEASE pull over to the side to pee as soon as he can. You see we're on a mile or so long busy as HELL gravel part of the road (their working on it). Matt pulls over as far as he can which isn't too far at all, well I gotta pee TOO (go figure) and I turn around and the WHOLE damn band's (Aaron included) piling out and is standing there while God and the whole of Montana parades by (seriously, you'd have thought it was rush hour or something). Matt's now seriously hollering for everybody to GET BACK IN THE DAMN VAN and then the idiots (not me of course) start staring up at the sky and saying how damn beautiful it is and how bright the stars are. Matt's seriously pissed and after all of his yelling, people finally pile back in (while I'm laughing my ass off) and we head back to our Shitbag 6 or whatever that motels name was. Fun times.... .
 I get a few days off to myself starting tomorrow while the band flies to Indy for a radio show. Over and out and see you next time from the campgrounds, S

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