Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hefeweizen,howling coyottes and my dying words

B&B for the night

Stayed under the blankets for as long as I could this morning then got my weenie ass out and into a pretty damn cold morning (probly in the 40’s still). I said screw it, with ALL those people at that KOA, I’d just as soon head on down the road. Driggs,ID, and the incredible Teton Valley led me to Jackson Hole where I decided to stay for the night. Had a nice local Hoback Hefeweizen and pizza at the Snake River Brewery. Blogged about the day before at the bar while furiously looking for a cheap place to stay and NOT finding a camping area available but I did find a “somewhat cheap” B&B (Priceline sucked the BIG one this time around). I have been the last to discover that Jackson Hole,Wyoming does NOT have an “off season” and a coupla hours down the road gets me to the middle of nowhere. Gonna have to be an 8+ hour drive tomorrow to Denver. No biggie. Least I won’t have crying babies, THREE different snorer’s in the nearby tents (one guy I assume was SO low, I seriously thought it coulda been a bear) or buffalo, grizzly, howling coyotes/wolves or something that was eerie as shit or snakes to worry about. That is, unless my B&B hosts are mass murders. They seem sweet enough but I guess that’s always an option and would make for a mighty entertaining blog (if I lived to tell, that is).  Then again, if I don’t I’m staying in the “Twin Mountain River Ranch” in Jackson Hole, WY. Somebody make it a dramatic article and obit where I fought tooth and nail down to the last and my dying words were “Why didn’t I have that sex change at 16!” Surprisingly enough said his friends, family and ex-girlfriends (his ex-wife only saying that she was glad that he was dead). 
I bet the band is SO excited to see me tomorrow!!! I can tell how Jason and the band have grown SO emotionally "attached" to me. It's obvious. 

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