Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pointing fingers and playing in cowshit

Yep, here's the set up.

My merch table for the night
We drive up to the Montana State Fair (and Rodeo) and sure as SHIT, there’s 2 flat-bed trailers for the band sat in the middle of a dusty Rodeo “arena”. The band was to load it up, get their "sound check" and pull out of that arena until the Rodeo finished.  THEN they’d pull it all back out there horse and cow shit and all, set up and play. Sounded interesting to say the least. You know, it ended up being great. Kids were incredible, it was ran well, sound was great and made some pretty decent money!
Things of note…
So you got a shit loada drunk kids at the outset of this Fair/Rodeo/Concert. One came over when I heard him ask his group of friends “who’s Jason Jones?” while looking over at my merch stand.  I tell them a little about how his singles doing,  new video, etc.. and we end up getting to talking.  Rich went to College Station,TX to visit a friend a little while back for ”Soggy Bottom” (Mud bogging, I think). Nice kid. That was the only place he’d ever  been  in “The South” he said (I told him he needed to visit the “Real South” sometimes like Georgia,Alabama, Mississippi (no “dis” to Rita, but Texas ain’t “The South”). Tid bit, Rich  LOVED  the Brantley Gilbert video “Kicking in The Sticks” (as do I!)  .He did NOT like the Aldean “Dirt Rd. Anthem” in comparison (me either).
I see an older man looking at the Fender that Jason has out on display with his single artwork (Of "Ferris Wheel") as the design on the body. I asked him does he play. “Used to until arthritis got too bad”. Jim said he had a Gibson that he bought in ’55. He played with his cousin in a Country band years back in the Baltimore area (where he was born). His cousin ended up dying at only 31 years old and he got watery eyed when he said that. Jim also mentioned that his Aunt Lorraine Beavers (guessing at the spelling) played some with Porter Waggoner (they’d grown up together). Seemed like a real sweet man.
Oh, congrats to Bogey (Talent buyer who’s in charge while we’re there). Bogey’s won an ACM (Academy of Country Music) Award this year. Say’s he’s gonna put it on a big ass chain and wear it around his neck (kiddin, of course but he did say it).
Finding myself liking a lot more stuff “out here” that people in the bizz don’t like as much. “Kicking in the Sticks” Brantley Gilbert for example. I loved it just like it was/is, because it’s different. It's real and edgy as HELL! Some thought it needed to be recorded and mixed “better”. Screw it, I LOVED it JUST as it was recoded, PERIOD. I get why Jason has a SHIT load-a people in his “signing line” but you gotta be out here to see that. I can’t really point fingers. I was in one of those offices for 17 years. What the hell do I know, I’m now just a merch guy. 

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