Friday, August 12, 2011

How fast is $77?

Coincidentally it's 77MPH. Well, I lived to tell the story Wed. night . Actually there’s no story to tell. My B&B owners were not mass murderers  :( or if there were they were kind enough to spare me. I had to cover 500+ miles to pick the band up which was going along smoothly (minus the hellacious cross-winds of southern Wyoming) until officer Jeff stopped me north of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Apparently I was going $77 over the speed limit, which was nice of him seeing I couldn’t find the insurance OR registration! 
A few more miles of Tony Lane songs later got me to Denver to pick up the band. There were BIG hugs ALL around and Matt (always the tough guy just "broke down"). It was a touching reunion. The band then subtly fought Jason for where to eat but given it's "Jason Jones" (that's reason we're all out here) we stop at his suggestion. Actually, it was a good choice. I guess I was still buzzed from all the caffeine and decided to keep on driving on to Ogallala (good GOD what a town name), NE. It's a buzz kill leaving Colorado for Nebraska but gotta get back to work.  
 2 shows (plus two days of travel) left on this blog trip. So far, so good. Jason’s getting his "Ferris Wheel" video played on GAC and CMT. Hopefully it'll help the damn single on up the charts. I'm just hoping in the immediate future that we'll sell a SHIT load more of merch! You can't eat with "airplay" but you can eat with cash :). All about cash, baby!

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