Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Leaving Spokane

Closing in on an actual show tonight and then leaving this blog sucking city. Yesterday Aaron decided to walk 2 miles across some god forsaken terrain all for the sake of a laundromat and clean clothes. He scared up 3 mule deer in the process (and I BET a million snakes/I hate snakes and would have stabbed both my eye balls out with a pencil before I did something stupid like that). 
OH,a couple of us DID finally go downtown last night and see some amazing sites. We saw a goat made out of metal trash, "The Parkade", nekkid statues of people running and the world's largest (I'm guessing) big red wagon. Btw, did you know that there IS some history of boredom in Spokane (see above)? Tom T. Hall (who was here for the world's fair I think back in the early 70's) said it better than I could but he did NOT have a shower with a butt cleaner :) Oh the joy of modern shower amenities: 

I bent over to pick up the soap and realized that this side shower thingy MUST have been a womans invention.

The captivating "Parkade" in downtown Spokane. People come from miles around...to park here.  

You ask why? I ask why not. It's a steel goat made of metal trash.

The worlds largest red wagon (btw, don't read my blog for it's accuracy)

It's the world's largest nipple (now that Farrah Fawcett's dead)

You know, I have NO idea what the hell he was doing. Chasing nekkid metal women, I guess  

More nekkid sculptures running in the park. Imagine, ALL this weird shit in one park. Impressive.
Hey and I think Bing Crosby was from here or wikipedia said it was his place of "origin". What the hell does that mean if he was born in Tacoma? Just a question. 
You ask yourself, why did you just waste your time reading this blog, I ask the same in writing it. Cheers to 5 minutes that you'll NEVER get back. X's, S

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  1. OK I laughed my A'' off but have you really been on the road too long??? Thanks for making my day!