Sunday, August 21, 2011

How the hell you spell Muskegon & The Parting (or not) of the Red Sea?!

I'm in the SECOND to last bench! YAY! Short lived, I'm sure (and Aaron behind me slobbering on his pillow).
Is it Meskegon, MeskeGAN, Maskegon? Hell if I know and weren’t there long enough for me to remember. Driving through a rain storm, construction zones and two lane, four lanes, etc… we arrive late for a radio show for Moosefest (which was having a rain delay of sorts of their own). Given that, I drag enough shit out to sell and the band pretty much walks up on stage and starts playing. I don’t remember much about it other than the signing line (once again) was long as hell and took forever to get to the end (for me that is, Jason loves that shit) signing earlobes, armpits and scrap pieces of paper (many not understanding that we do need money for the simple things, like GAS). I say that and up walks this older lady, thinning grey hair and smiling a sweet smile (through what few teeth she had left) and takes probly 5 minutes counting out $5 in change (including the last $3 in dimes) from the bottom of her worn out purse. There's OBVIOUSLY 2 sides to this story. Basically, I'm an ass for not remembering that a lot of times people just don't have any money to spend.
 Ran into my merch/manager friend Charly (Steel Magnolia’s merch guy) who was setting up after me. There was JUST enough room for each merch guy so I came in after the opener and Charly comes in after me. Well holy shit, there’s a great old college bud, Jack Purcell! Jack’s now VP of Promotion for Big Machine (Taylor Swift's record label). I use to cheat offa him in “Music and Art” class at Belmont (back when Minnie Pearl was still a cheerleader there). I STILL ended up with a damn “C”! I graduated. He didn’t. I’m selling T-shirts and driving a van. He’s a VP for the hottest label in "Country" and flying home tonight. He tells me that he’ll wave to me as he flies over. I shoot him an angry bird. Daddy, I think you should ask for your money back about now. At least I did learn (at Belmont) that Moses didn’t necessarily “part the Red Sea”. It coulda been a mispinterpretation of sorts (or more than likely he had a  GREAT publicist!).  I feel like I’m on a rodeo circuit of sorts, me as the clown. Promise to take pic’s next time I’m out. I’m just bored right now in the back of the van on the long ass ride into Nashvegas for a whole whopping day and a half off before a 11 day run. HEY, I think I’ve earned a little respect from the band. I get to sleep on the NEXT to last bench in the van (at least for 6 hours). Things are a lookin up (or at least a little closer). 

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