Monday, August 8, 2011

Dropping off the kids

Me withOUT the whiny ass kids in the backseats a bitching and a moaning. 

I've GOT to get this windshield cleaned! East of Billing, MT

Back to camping with some storm clouds looking west
Another early morning yesterday so we could drive the 4 hours to Bismarck,SD to drop off the kids (band) and leave me to myself until Thursday afternoon. Had a plan to camp at a KOA in Mile City, MT., no luck. It was full and they recommended another "campground" that looked more like a field beside the interstate. No thanks. I thought I'd go ahead and head toward Billings and see how far I got. Googling, map searching and 120 miles later I found this KOA (I'm bloggin from) around Hardin,MT. It's close to "Little Big Horn" and driving in looked JUST like the terrain of my early memories of watching the (now) cheesy Fess Parker and Ed Ames/Lone Ranger landscape. Bluff's where the Indian's would come over to attack the poor harmless cowboys in other old movies. Today I'm gonna go see where that old Union bastard died (Custer, that is).
Spent last night laying in my tent like old times. Why JUST a year ago today I was spending two hours trying to grill a potato at an oilfield campground in Odessa,Texas on my original blogging journey (last years blog). Oh how time flies and who knew (AND the last potato I've grilled)?

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