Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It Ended As It Started

Justin ("Jebus") Butler-Guitar

Matt ("Mattapedia") Anderson-Bass

John ("Toomey") Toomey-Drummer/Tour manager 

Jason Jones-Boss Man/Oh, AND the guys who pays us all.
It ended as it started with 5 guys unloading a van. No lights, no fans, no help. Just 5 guys tired from 48 hours of traveling from Billings, MT. If you've not been on the road with a band (like me up until 7 months ago) you have NO idea what it's like. I'm embarrassed to have ever thought that I EVER had a clue. The 5 guys (including Aaron who we dropped off in KC) don't see their girlfriends for the better part of a month. There's no privacy. I'm trying not to listen to John, Jason, Matt, Aaron & Justin's conversations with their girlfriends and family. It's none of my business and I don't wanna know, but it's impossible. There's NOwhere else to have most conversations (unless they talk to them on the "shitter"). You're together 90 PLUS % of the time. In the van, hotel room, at the venue. The sacrifices that they have to give for the sake of what little time they get to enjoy music out there is ridiculously high on their personal life (you can't help but over hear it). Would they do it all over again knowing what they are in the middle of right now? There's no way for me to know and it's a good question. Jason is RIGHT in the thick of the battle. 10 years down the road and he's FINALLY getting his shot (which is typical). There will NOT be enough hours in a day for the foreseeable future and this is not if he's "successful", this is in JUST getting the opportunity. There's huge admiration but not an ounce of envy in me about all of this. I told this really talented young artist yesterday (from what what little I've seen) that 4 hours of sleep for these guys is a pretty good night of sleep (so get use to it). I'm continuing on with my new journey. I'm loving "the battle". I loved this month. How long can I do it, I don't know and can't say. Someone  (from Texas) posted a comment to me saying that when they see a van pullin a trailer passing by they wanna stop them and "make 'em a sandwich". God bless you sister, you know WELL what I'm just beginning to learn. Onward and upwards and please give Jason Jones a listen and if you do like him call your radio stations and go see this band play "live". He IS a helluva performer (as is his band). You may or may not like it, but fuck you if you don't respect him and his band for what they do. X's and adios amigos and amigas, S  

"Private life"

It's all down hill from here

Good GOD we're home :)

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