Saturday, August 20, 2011

From Bike Racing to Confederate Thongs

PLEASE contact me at scogun@gmail.com if you find one of these in a department store (in Nashville).

Bike racing ain't got jack shit to do with Country Music. Well, who knew? We (I say “we” but I know it ain’t) played in Columbus, Ohio at the "Pelotonia Bike Race Festival” yesterday. I think we might as well have played the “Pelotonia Bridge tournament” or something. I’m guessing it made sense to play there cuz we did. My merch table was set up "over the hill and dale" from where the stage was and what few people walked by were more interested in bike shit. Spoke to the guys next to me about their bike shop and he said that it’s a charity ride and that the longest riders had to raise $3000 each. This all goes toward Cancer Research. TOTALLY admirable purpose. Spent a long conversation with Tyler Reeve’s Manager Anthony who was out there with him to NOT sell any merch, either. Those guys have been working their asses off on their own for years in a tough state! I’d blogged about Tyler on my other blog journey of last year when I saw him play in a bar I called the “Pig Sty” in Tallahassee, FL (actually, I think they called it Pot Belly’s). NASTIEST bar I visited in my 6 months of travelling/bloggin from West Texas to Washington,DC and that's after seeing some mighty stiff competition. That was what I considered a high (or low) honor, of sorts. Anyways, Chuck Wicks followed us and though our set was cut short because of the obvious paranoia about the combination of thunderstorms and festival stages, I figured we came out in better shape than Chuck. He had to play a full set (being the “headliner”) to a handful of people who just as soon had been watching a bowling tourney or actually a bike race. Chuck (who has sincerely ALWAYS been so cool to me even after leaving the “Corporate Bizz”) “gamed up”. GOD I had the strongest urge to put on a Confederate flagged thong and run across the front of the stage during Chuck's show (preferably during "Stealing Cinderella") to see if ANYone would give a shit, but I was afraid that they wouldn’t and I’d be crushed, that and I don’t have a thong of that kind but would LOVE to know where to find one (just in case).  People that ran it all was very nice, just the people attending wasn’t a good match. Guess you never know. We’re off to do some radio show in Michigan. We’ll (screw you, I’m still referring me as being part of the band) see what comes of that.    
P.S. I was ending the blog “officially” but continuing as long as I feel like it…and I feel like it.  It’s my blog anyways. That and the band liked seeing their name in print other than on Jason Jones' checks. 

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