Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feast or Famine and my first Video blog

So after another 12+ hour drive to the middle of a nowhere we're at a Four Seasons in Pembine,WI. From Shitbag 6 motel to the Four Seasons. I'm sitting here in a bathrobe looking out onto a BEAUTIFUL little 9 hole golf course. We'll there ya go. Quick little note. We went to the VERY swanky restaurant last night and met two nice guys, kinda. Or at least that's how it started. Actually, they were an older rich gay couple from Chicago who didn't get (or like) my sense of humor (or lack there of in their minds). I kept saying little things and the one guy setting right next to me would stare blankly back. Actually, I couldn't tell if he didn't get it or if he was just acknowledging my lack of humor (like "yes, I heard that.... and it's not funny"). They spoke quite proper. Kinda like an american version of "The King's English". Either way, Matt thought it was funny and after I kinda changed the subject on the rich guy (apparently 3 times according to John who was keeping a tally) I think they decided I was too rude (and redneck) and got up and left which wasn't all together bad. Oh well, I guess they thought I was an ass (Hey, and I wasn't EVEN "Whistling Dixie"!)..... . Shit and I got more gay friends than "straight" back home so it wasn't that! Gonna enjoy the 18 hours of this place before we hit the road for South Dakota and then Colorado and probably somewhere else. Oh, YEAH Detroit! Can't wait for that one.
My view yesterday:(

My view this morning :)


  1. And when do we get to hear about the remaining 18 hours of your ghostly visit in Pembine??
    It was really great meeting all of you, hope you can make it to Porterfeild next year for some more fun times.